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leading people to their destiny  


 to: pastormosomane@absamail.co.za


30th August 2010

Dear Pastor

Thank you for the teachings . Your teachings are really an eye opener. I have been meditating on the topic ‘principles of money” and this what I got from the Lord and would like to share. Exodus 16  - Manna

God said He will give manna to the people and that was a test – Our Salaries and small businesses are a test

God gave the command as to how the people should gather the manna ( one omer per person)– he gave us instructions  as to how we should gather for our selves. We can use 90% to  accumulate what we need but 10% belongs to Him.

Some people gathered as they wish than they were commanded – we also rob God in tithes and offerings , we want to use the entire 100%. Gathering more than what we should.

Those who gathered more than they should found the manna rotten – in the same way when we gather, by keeping the 10% we cause a curse to the 90%. We do not find success in what we have

Manna was a temporary means of survival, the real thing was the fruit on the other side of Jordan – Our positions and the salaries we get are just a means of survival.  God has in store the real things for us

Because of disobedience the people did not reach the promised land (the real thing) God  allowed Moses only to see the land. – If we do not obey we will never reach the potential, positions, salaries and blessings that God has in store for us.

Let us be faithful with what God has given us today(manna) and see Him opening the windows of heaven.

Nomsa Manana

South Africa


19th August 2010

Dear Pastor

Thank you for your messages, we are so encouraged with your sermons. I believe you will arrange to visit us one day, you are warmly welcome. in Tanzania.


Pastor, Captain MJ Gwambaye (MSc EMD).
Medical Administration -1
TPDF HQS Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

18th August 2010


Pastor Maselo


This is great.Can somebody who was a satan captive repent fully?


Priscilla Mohlala



Pretoria South Africa



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From: Maselo Mosomane

Sent:  18/08/2010 12:15:18 pm

Subject:  THE KINGDOM PRINCIPLES OF MONEY Principle 2  Part 8

01. 03. 2010

Comment on my testimony (Do we know what we can do with the word of God? Part 3)


Pastor Maselo


These is realy a motivating story for all of us who are still struggling to get houses, but through your story I realy had hope.

Thank very much

Lenah Mokoma


2 February 2010 (12H12)


Pastor Maselo

Pastor will you believe me when I say …my father was found few minutes after I got a response from u …I don’t even know how to express how I feel right now …I am so emotional…I have never experience such miracle in my life …last few months I had backslided …because I didn’t think God really cared for me…He would always let the devil do whatever he wants on me and my husband and He wouldn’t even intervene…I ended up taking a decision to let go of Jesus and live life the way I thought would please me…I became so lazy and so afraid to read the word or pray for that matter. I am beginning to believe when God says I will never leave you nor forsake you…and now I believe that He will never give up on me. I would just like to Thank Jesus Christ for blessing us with people like You Pastor. I pray that God can continue to increase blessings on You and your Family.   

Daphne Moyo

(South Africa)

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I'm very much touched by your teachings.My names are Brother  Benard Makori Omayio.I'm the FOUNDER of a  Bible study group  currently of forty brethren.We are not registered in Kenya as a ministry or church organization.We are a  small Bible study group with the aim of strengthening ourselves into deeper understanding of the word of God. Also we are looking for a better biblical founded ministry to join in  to advice and give us a direction in our ministry here in Kenya.We have no access to Bibles and Biblical materialsWe only have two, English K J V Bibles we were blessed by a christian friend.We are also conducting our worship under trees' shade since we have no funds to erect a tent of worship.The following are the activities we do in our Bible study group:
1)Counseling and Deliverance
2)Bible study-Tuesdays and Fridays.
3)House to house personal soul winning-Mondays
4)Hospital visitation
5)Fellowship and worship-Sundays
6)Praying for the sick and needy-During worship times and during private prayers.
We are also requesting your board of honor to consider our congregation with filled and inspired spiritual materials and more so extend your ministry teachings unto us . Also kindly for your scheduled program of visitation unto us to conduct  seminar and crusade in our area
Hope and prayerfully of wishing you God’s blessings upon you , in the field .Looking forward to hear from you in Jesus name. May God’s grace abide in you as long as you continue to serve Him.
Gripped by His Grace ad Glory,

(40204) KENYA



Jesus said:

"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (Mark 16:15)


Dear in Christ 

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

We hope you and your chruch and every things are fine in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. we are also fine .

Yesterday,I saw your website . I was deeply delighted and impressed to know about you

and you daily activities. By seeing website I have decided to make relationship and communication

in order to have more and more information and knowledge of the work are funcation.

You are performing for the betterment and improvement of the peoples behavior.I am very much interested to have keeness of preaching the word of God among the people who are un aware of the

GOD for this very purpose I need your blessings prayers,guidence,direction and coperation we want to introduce your mininisty in our locality in Pakistan as is a conntry in which people patricularly the christians living under the despotic influence of the muslim.we are wining people for Jesus Chrsit . please help us for expand lord wrok in Pakistan that we will win more people for JEsus Christ .

Therefore,I greatly request to do something very particular in hhis regard..

We are already doing the work of GOD by teaching the children,elders and other people espcially  in Kids and certain other mceting in this comection.

We are trying our best to do the will of GOD to the full extent with our interest resole,determination and with full acttention. We pray for you the GOD almighty benevolent may give you more and more chance to create and atmospheric kingdom of GOD in this world .

Plase Help us For Expand Lord wrok in Pakistan.

we are Eveanglis Pakistan

We want wrok under of Umberrall Your Ministries in Pakistan.

We Welcome you Heartlry in Pakistan With istanCHrist.


Please pray for us . as we pray for you all

God bless you and with you alwyas.

 Servant,s of God ,


Pastor A Z Nathniel Pakistan





In response to Daily Bread: WORDS - TOOLS TO BUILD OR DESTROY

Shalom Reverend Maselo Mosomane,

You are realy blessed with Surpassing revelations..for sure i had not seen that revelation from that angle, may the Lord encourage you and give you strength and more revelations Man of God. Did you receive the invitation letter?

It will be good if you received it.

Much blessings

Pastor Benson.


13th November 2009

Greetings Pastor

I live in Pretoria, I would like to come and fellowship at Pool of Life.

Kind regards


12th November 2009

Amen Moruti

Thank you so much Moruti waka for being such an obedient son of the Most High God. We really appreciate you taking your time in your busy schedule to share the word and fellowship with us.

It means so much to us and we thank you and praise God for the calling on your life. When God says something it shall surely come to pass, in Jesus name.



Vodacom All Saints Fellowship 



12th November 2009

Dear Pastor and Mrs Mosomane

Greetings in the Name of the coming soon King from glory - Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I thrilled by your achievement of a website more so, for its use to proclaim & pronounce the good news. Pool of life Ministries Int. has been blessed with a visionary leader in the person of Ps Mosomane.

I promise to put you and your family including the sheep your are shepherding in the house of God on my prayer list. May your message:  touch lives; regenerate & convert saints;  comfort the recession struck citizens;  give hope to those falling apart;  let the widows, destitute, orphans & the fatherless  see life in a better light.

My medium term goal prayer is to see you preaching on DSTV channel in no time, that will make me so happy. I will be the vessel to spread your messages  to all   on my e-mail list next week,  sinners and saints alike. Be ready to handle the volume of responses.

You make my day pastor. I am  truly blessed and wish you the same.

Mapotse, T.A.





27th October 2009

Amen Moruti

Thank you so much for making yourself available to us, we really appreciate it and praise God for you. Please can you make time to share the word of God with us on 12 November 2009.

God bless you indeed Moruti.


Bonginkosi Nhlapo

Vodacom Head Office

Midrand South Africa 


26th October 2009

Bread of Life: FREE AT LAST

Amen Moruti

What a power packed message indeed! Keep on keeping on Moruti, in the name of Jesus! Whenever you have a free Thursday please let us know as we would like to invite you to Vodaworld one more time this year.

Stay blessed and your God reigns!


Bonginkosi Nhlapo 

22nd October 2009



Dear Man of God


Thank you my brother for obeying Gods call to come up here. We have just finished praying for the mission.


I have sent messages to the prayer worriors and from tommorow morning  all through the church in Nairobi will begin morning devotion prayers targeting this mission.Reverend David Makimei who is my friend,equal in ministry and a partner in the network is the one heading this prayer group and organising the Kenyan Mission in April together with his pastors.


Pastor, James Ng'itu,Pastor Mamuya,Pastor Elia and other leaders from Tanzania will be very busy with their churches organising and praying for the meetings.


Please man of God remember these servants of God.I feel we need to pray alot and do spiritual warfare about the whole trip.We are praying for the Lords guidance and the Holy Spirit to have a way in the whole ministry.We are also praying for devine provision upon you that you may be able to travel and meet the expenses.Today the  Lord also led us to pray for the goverment of South Africa and President Jacob Zuma and the strikes in South Africa.


Brother let us dig ourselves in prayers and the word and the results will be a great move of God.

Without God leading us we will only have normal results but with him breakthrough is a garantee.

I will send you the itenarly next week we just concluding with arrangements man of God.

May the Lord bless you and meet you at the very point of your needs.


Pass our love to the family and the church,We love you alot.


Pastor Benson



8th October 2009

Dear Reverend Maselo Mosomane.

Am always thankful every time i hear from you and what God is doing through you and the Pools of life Ministries.

We also thank God for what He did Masvingo-Zimbambwe.For sure God put a burden in our hearts to pray for you and stand with you ministry,when i read your website God always reminds me about what he spoke to me.

The Lord was speaking to me about your burden to plant churches in South Africa and the Nations.Its time for you to see the fruits of the seeds you have always sown in the kingdom.

Thanks alot for obeying God to start moving to the North ie East Africa.Infact there doors of ministry in Tanzania,Kenya ,Uganda and even Zambia.

We plan to have you here early next year but we also wanted you to suggest the dates you would be comfortable with, Tanzania is a big country and there are places we will need to use a plane because of the distance.We probably would want you to minister atleast in Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania.

Some meetings will be in the interior of the country and other in towns or near towns.

I have aready talked to one of the Network   member about it and for sure he is excited about it.

Please tell me the dates you would be comfortable with and from there we can start to work on it immedietely.There are 5 churches in Tanzania we would want you  to minister.5 in Kenya and about 2 in Uganda we hope to have you here if possible 3 to 4 weeks.


Pastor we will start to pray for this  mission as fro m today.

Please man of God feel free to ask me any question you may have.

Please also let me know what kind of meetings you feel comfortable ministering in ie crusades,seminars etc.

I know you will be happy to meet the Maasais in Kenya and Tanzania.

God richly bless you man of God,pass our love to your children,Mum and the church in Pretoria,please tell them we love them and we are praying for them.


pastor Benson